The Power of Foresight…

How many times have you promised to do something but didn’t and kicked yourself for this afterwards. It’s always easier with hindsight but what I’m talking about here is FORESIGHT; which can be defined as having the ability to see potential problems developing and to act on this sooner rather than later. I bet you wouldn’t drive from Sydney to Melbourne without filling up the petrol tank; otherwise you might not get very far; so it’s similar with life problems; if you can see the train coming, do something about it now.

Many of our clients tell us that they saw the problem coming but did not do anything about it.

Here are some barriers to calling a psychologist and how to overcome these. Which of these do you identify with?

1: Fear: this is a primitive emotion which is the cause of many problems on this planet. Fear can prevent one from taking the necessary steps to help one self; so ask yourself, if you do not go and get help what are the likely consequences? Take a deep breath; psychologists respect how hard it is to seek help and honour your courage with privacy and high standards of professionalism and confidentiality. Guaranteed you will be heard without any judgement and you will be given practical and insightful solutions to help yourself.

2. Procrastination: If you suffer from anxiety or depression it is likely that this is a problem; putting off what needs to be done now for later. Using the petrol tank analogy; should you delay filling up the tank you will not get to your destination. The best way forward in dealing with procrastination is setting an immediate goal; taking a deep breath and giving yourself reassurance that once it’s over you will feel alot better. Most clients feel relieved after a first counselling session with a qualified Psychologist and getting things off their chest; knowing that they will get support and help.

3. Money and time: With the government Medicare mental health plan scheme counselling has become a lot more cost-effective; probably your local Thai takeaway is going to charge you more than the gap required at a counselling session, so monetary reasons are far less an issue anymore given the Medicare scheme. Concessions are available too and in some cases there is minimal cost per session. As for time;  sessions are often held in and out of business hours to help accomodate peoples busy lives. Even phone sessions and skype are now possible! You will be accommodated to make it easier for you to come to the session.

Left untreated stress, anxiety and depression can cause not only emotional health problems but also physical health problems, including hair and skin disorders; cardiovascular problems and addictions such as smoking or drinking.

So will you delay asking for help any longer longer knowing that help is at your fingertips?

Written by Ilan Cohen