Pokemon Go or Pokemon NO!?

I thought I would devote a little time to the new craze Pokemon Go.. I thought I would share my thoughts and insights into this new craze sweeping the nation. If you havent heard.. pokemon go is a new game that takes the player outdoors to try to catch virtual creatures. The game cleverly intertwines reality and fiction, and has seen thousands of people take to the streets to catch their critters!!! So why the craze, what is so great about this new game? It appears that the appeal is that people are out hunting around together in the outdoors…. it certainly beats being locked inside staring at a screen for hours on end right? Whilst this may be true… it is important to think about what this “getting outside really looks like”… From a bystanders perspective, it appears to be a group of people staring at their phones walking around completely oblivious to what is happenning around them? Occasionally their may be some chatter amongst the group about the game, but mostly walking and staring.So the question must be asked, is this healthy?

Well yes, and no…… Pokemon go may help those who do spend hours on end indoors gaming, and gets them outdoors and engaging in some limited social contact. It can help to build social skills, as they are connecting about a common theme, and makes breaking the ice easier for people with social anxiety. It can have significant health benefits of exercise and more movement in general, and the benfits of being out in fresh air and sunshine.

The negatives however are significant…..

Players may be focussed on the game on ot being fully aware of their environment, and as such falling victim to accidents through lack of attention. They may become targets of crime as their preoccupation is quite evident, and may be easy pickingf for predators wanting to locate a preoccupied person to target .There are also concerns about “luring” that is an issue for young people, and parents please ensure all precautions when your young people are out in public spaces. Games dont necessarily mean safe!!!

Overall, Pokemon GO has certainly changed the face of gaming on its head.. and will likely see a new era of virtual gaming arise. So what are your thoughts on this new craze….?