Relationship Difficulties

Relationship Counselling & Therapy

We provide professional guidance and help for Relationship Difficulties.

Chronic conflict and stress isn’t healthy for any relationship. Conflict and stress in a relationship has been known to affect other areas of life such as relationships with family and friends, and work colleagues. Children can also suffer when exposed to high levels of conflict at home, and are at greater risk for anxiety, depression, behavioural problems, and poorer health as a result.

Our psychologists work closely with couples to develop tailored treatment plans for relationships. Each case is assessed by a reputable psychologist to identify what improvements your relationship requires to achieve what both partners want.

We can provide couple’s sessions and also individual sessions for each partner if needed. Our highly-qualified psychologists will work with you to deal with personal issues that might be affecting the relationship, such as work problems, individual anxiety or depression and/or other social problems.

The therapies used by our psychologists focus on a range of strategies to improve communication, increase understanding of one another, help express emotion and promote strengths of the relationship.

Our approach clears the way for more productive couples sessions with a relationships professional, who can help the partners identify and work out their difficulties, improve communication, stop the blaming and resentment, and find solutions.

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