Grief and Loss

Psychology For Grief and Loss

Professional psychological couselling for Grief and Loss.

Grief can be experienced in response to a variety of loss-related events, including a death, separation or divorce, physical incapacity through disability, or the loss of one’s home or community due to disaster. Grief is the natural reaction to loss, and can influence the physical, emotional, cognitive, behavioural and spiritual aspects of our lives.

RWPsychology provide grief and loss counseling services for children, adolescents and adults in Milperra.

Everyone deals with loss in different ways. While some might find it helpful to talk openly about the experience, others might prefer time alone. The intensity and duration of the grieving process can also differ between individuals. Our psychologists have years of experience in helping people overcome grief and loss, and assisting people to better manage their strong emotions through often difficult times.


Cognitive-behavioural therapy: This method is intended for complicated grief and helps identify and modify a person’s unhelpful thoughts and behaviours in order to improve their mood and increase their quality of life.

Complicated grief treatment: This treatment helps address the symptoms of loss by helping people re-establish relationships and focus on personal life goals.

Improving family relationships: In some cases, treatments that focus on strengthening family bonds and developing good communication patterns can help prevent people from experiencing significant psychological distress as a result of the loss.

Finding meaning: Finding meaning and significance in the loss that a person has experienced can also be helpful. Psychologists may use a range of meaning reconstruction approaches to help achieve this.

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