Culture Statement

As an active and valued team member of RWPsychology, I commit to follow these Culture Statements:

Commitment: I will be committed to the Vision, Mission and Goals of RWPsychology and will pursue these in all I do. I will be committed to the success of myself and the practice, the team that I am a part of and the clients and referrers I have the privilege of working with every day.

Integrity: I will act with integrity and honesty at all times with my interactions with my clients, my colleagues and my referrers.

Sincerity: I will show sincerity in my thoughts and actions, and demonstrate genuineness in my interactions with my clients, colleagues and community as a whole.

Respect: I value respect within this practice and will work in a manner that ensures I demonstrate this with all I do. I will always approach my work at RWPsychology with respect as my foundation.

Acceptance: I value the differences of opinion, ideas and beliefs of others, and am willing to be accepting at all times of these differences. I believe in inclusivity, and a sharing of ideas in my workplace.

Compassion: I will work from a genuine place of compassion, with a genuine desire to help and assist the community.

Excellence: I will always strive to work in a mindset of excellence. I will continually seek to grow, to improve, and to do my very best to achieve great things for my clients, the practice, my referrers, and my community.

Enthusiasm: I will approach my work with enthusiasm and gratefulness, and always remember the honour and privilege it is to assist clients at a difficult time in their journey.

Efficiency: I commit to working efficiently, and always doing my best to ensure that I am communicating as part of a practice team, and an extended treatment team.

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