ConnectMe App

What is ConnectMe and how can it benefit you?

ConnectMe by Healthshare is a programme being trialled by RWPsychology, as a way of providing patients between session mental health support.

ConnectMe is a safe online space for patients to write their thoughts, activities, notes, homework etc between sessions. It is accessible via a safe and secure app, and is directly connected to their clinician. When a patient posts, the clinician is notified and is able to comment and give helpful guidance if needed. Sessions are able to be uploaded to patient files, and discussed at each session.

What it is not

It is not a service to be used with suicidal patients who require crisis care. All patients are aware it is not instant messaging, and responses will be be provided as available.

The Anecdotal Verdict

Whilst there was initial concern it had potential to create dependency in therapy, so far it has shown to have a vastly different outcome. From initial anecdotal evidence, it appears that patients who have actively engaged in its use, have moved through treatment far more quickly. Some long term patients who took up this adjunct to their care, have since discontinued their treatment and have had significant improvements in most areas of their overall functioning.

How it can help?

  • Patients reported they found it useful to document issues as they arose as they often forgot
  • They reported it provided them with a sense of support
  • They reportedly enjoyed the ability to use it as an online journal
  • Thereported it assisted them in feeling supported and connected to their treatment

As a result of the positive evidence we have seen from its initial use, it is likely that this will be rolled out and offered to appropriate patients at RWPsychology.


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